Frequently asked questions


• How old do I have to be to hire a Campervan?

Between 25–70 years old (with a minimum of 3 years experience).

• Can we all drive the Campervan?

Up to three different people can be named drivers; again they must be between 25 to 70 years of age, @ £5.00 charge for each additional driver.

• Can I hire with points on my licence?

Yes, up to a maximum of 6 minor points.

• Can I take the Campervan to Europe?

Please contact us for any request.

• Can you deliver the Campervan to me?

We do not usually offer a delivery service, but are happy to collect you from Truro or Penmere train station. If for any reason delivery is essential to your hire please call us for a quote.

• Can I see the Campervans before I rent one?

Yes, but you will need to contact us to arrange a suitable time and date.

• Can I leave a car with you when I collect?

Yes, if you are driving, you are welcome to leave a car in in the drive. The car is left entirely at your own risk. We cannot accept liability for any damage or loss.

• Do your Campervans have seat belts?

All our Campervans are fitted with seat belts, (Tango has 5 Coral 7).

• Do the Campervans have an electric hook-up?

Yes, not only do our vans have electric hook-ups, Tango also is fitted with an additional 12v leisure battery.

• What happens if we break down?

In the unlikely event of a breakdown you have full 24/7 breakdown cover/recovery assistance wherever you go.

• What cooking utensils are provided?

Everything including the kitchen sink! A full set of cooking utensils and a dining set for four people. We also have tea, coffee and sugar.

• Do you charge for any extra equipment?

Specialist stuff but most is included free of charge, all we ask is you take full responsibility for any loss or damage.

• Can we take our bicycles?

Yes, we have a sturdy bike rack to easily carry two push bikes at a small additional charge.

• How fast do the Campervans go?

Our Campervans are originals and are therefore built for comfort, not speed. Tango has an air cooled 2000cc and Coral a 1600cc engine and both have a cruising speed of around 60mph. Please take this into consideration when planning your journey.

• Are they easy to drive?

All Campervans take a little bit of getting used to as they differ from a conventional modern car. We will run through everything when you collect your Campervan and take you on a short test drive if you want to. In no time at all you’ll be sailing along with a big smile on your face.

• Is the mileage limited?

No, mileage is unlimited and included in the price of the hire.

• What do I need to bring with me?

We have packed our Campervans with all the things you’ll need for a great trip, such as bedding and cooking equipment. We would suggest that you bring towels, toiletries, clothing perhaps a sleeping bag and recreational gear for your trip.

• What type of fuel do the Campervans run on?

All our Campervans run on super unleaded petrol E5, not E10 regular.

• Where is Cool4Campers located?

We are located in Merry Meet Farm, Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 5DP.

• Please return the camper with the same amount of petrol in the tank

The nearest petrol station is Falmouth Service Station, 60 Dracaena Avenue TR11 2EJ approximately 3 mins from us. Open 12am – 11.45pm.

• Parking/traffic fines

You are liable for any fines occurred and a administration fee of £50 will be incurred if any unpaid fines come to us to deal with. We will hold back the £500 security deposit for a period of no longer than 7 days after hire finishes to cover any unpaid fines.

• What happens if I have an accident or damage to the equipment provided?

Please remember you are liable for the first £750 of any accident/theft or damage occurred, of which a 50% refundable deposit is left before hire commences. We only charge for the cost of the repairs or replacement items and the quote/bill will be available for you to see on request.

• What else is included with the Campervan?

You have the option to include any of our free or chargeable optional extras these include: Luxury awning with fitted carpet, Bike rack or Family pack which includes, games and toys for indoor or outside use. Just phone and let us know what you want to include at time of booking.


• Which areas do you cover?

We are based in Falmouth in Cornwall, but cover most of Cornwall within our standard prices. If you would like us to attend an event outside of Cornwall, this will incur additional costs.

• How long does it take to set up the Boothbus?

We arrive at least 45 minutes before the 3 hour Boothbus session starts, to get everything set up and ready.

• Do we need to supply electricity for the Boothbus?

At present yes, we have a 50m cable for standard 240V hookup but have access to a generator.

• Can the Boothbus be set up on the lawn?

Yes, as long as the ground is firm and not more than 50m from power source (see above).

• How much space does the Boothbus require for set up?

We typically ask for 7m x 7m with 2.5m height clearance, however, it is possible to set up in smaller locations so please contact us to discuss.

• Is the campervan Boothbus weather proof?

Yes, the Boothbus works with rain (well petrol and electric really) we have a gazebo for the props set up if raining!

• Can we extend the hire period beyond three hours?

Yes, the Boothbus may be booked for additional time at a rate of £55 per hour. Please contact us to discuss your bespoke requirements.
Idle time for conditions outside of our control will be charged at £25 per hour.

• Can I hire a campervan as my wedding car and a photo booth?

Yes, the campervan can certainly be booked to star in a dual role for your special day – please contact us for a quote.

• Does the Boothbus come with printed photos?

Yes, we have a printer on board so that your guests get to take away a pic! Our photos come with a discrete web link at the bottom, to direct guests to our website where they can browse our customer gallery and download after the party.

• Is the online gallery secure? How will we know the password?

After the event, all the pictures are uploaded on our secure website which is password protected. Guests can access the site with the password to browse the images and download them for free. At the event, we will also contact you once the files are uploaded, with details of the link.

• Can the pictures have our names or company logos on?

Yes, we can add a logo or message free of charge to one of our template examples, please provide us with details and a computer file.

• What sort of props are supplied with the Boothbus?

We have a large selection of hats, wigs, masks, moustaches the list goes on, our fancy dress shop is just down the road if your require something special at an additional charge.

• How many people can fit in the Boothbus at one time?

5 children or 4 adults comforably.

• How do I operate the Boothbus?

Operating the photo booth is very easy a press of the red button. However Boothbus is manned at all times.

• Do you have a public liability insurance?

Yes, a certificates can be inspected on request.

• How do I make a booking?

Contact us and let us know your location, date and preferred time for booking. We can then email you a booking form along with details of the £150 booking deposit to secure the date. The balance is then due 4 weeks before the event!

• How can I pay?

Payments can be made by BACS bank transfer or PayPal.